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Office wall decor is the easiest of al types of wall decor. This is because the functional requirement of an office space is very well defined. On the other hand all other spaces inside a home can have various uses depending upon person using that space.

Everyone of us use our office spaces to work with maximum efficiency and office interior design is greatly responsible for creating an environment that will help the office users to maintain the kind of energy levels required for maximum output.

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Office wall decor is a very straightforward concept. In an office, simplicity is the key to success. The more simple the workflow is better it is for the office workers to give good quality output. 

Same rule can be applied to wall decor and other interior spaces in a office. Keep it simple and it will work out best in an office. Inspirational picture frames and posters that will educate the workers about success, will power, team building, and persistence can be used occasionally at some places with a pattern. By patter I mean have a clear idea in your mid of where and why to use these posters or pictures. Do you want to use them in conference halls, or lobbies or only in the officer cabins? Donít overuse posters because they can disturb the overall simplicity of the design theme.

A modern or contemporary wall decor theme is the best option for offices. Wooden paneling with horizontal grooves on walls can add simplicity in an office space. Horizontal lines always express more space. Such kind of office wall decor ideas is not only simple but can easily add a professional look to your office.

Talking about colors, a blue or white color scheme will work best in an office space. Simple bright colored paneling on for wall decor and ceiling create a sense of defined space to office interiors. Also white colored walls helps eve dispersion of light into internal wall by reflecting from wall decor panels and ceiling panel.

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