Nautical Wall Decor

A nautical wall decor theme is the best option for a teenager bedroom theme. Teenager boys bedroom can be treated very creatively using a nautical wall decor ideas. Teenager boys love adventure and a nautical theme is the best way to express adventurous ideas about sea, oceans, battleships, sailors, and aircrafts.

As a designer you can make use of the wall as a design element in nautical wall decor. Before you dig into the specifics of the design you will have to make some illustrations on paper regarding how you are going to treat the wall with a nautical theme.

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A simple storyboard in the form of a wallpaper or actual painting can be used for this purpose. if the teenager bedroom wall has a long stretch of length without any furniture places against the wall, then an inspirational story or a collage of more than one story that will encourage the teenager with courage can work best in this wall decor theme.

If using such a big wallpaper is out of your budget, then small picture frames of subjects related to beaches, sea, oceans, fish and other aquatic animals, plants can be used too.

Creating a nautical wall decor theme is all about creating a fake model of the ship that goes out into the deep sea. To make this more effective try visiting an actual ship and if possible take a ride into the sea too. This will give an idea of the kind of visual richness, colors, etc required in the teenager's room. Same kind of pictures can be created or applied as a nautical wall decor theme in the room.

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