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Kids wall decor is a very interesting exercise. A kidís bedroom is an ideal place to carry out all sorts of experiments when it comes to wall decor. Apart from the furniture and other accessories in a kidís bedroom, walls are a major design element that can be used for decorating effects with great results.

Walls in a kids bedroom can be used as storyboard. Picture frames, murals, wallpapers, oil paintings, or even plane white boards where kids can create their own stories and drawings can work best in a kids room.

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A wall decor theme as a storyboard can take various forms. For example ask a kid about his favorite stories from his fairy tale book and you can use that as a theme of the entire wall decor project.

Many more options are available such as a space theme with the solar system, starts, and space ships painted or applied, as wallpaper can be very adventurous for the kid. Simple stories that show natural elements in the form of paintings are another good idea. The natural elements can contain, mountains, rivers, trees, birds, animals, fish, sea, sky, village scenes, flowers, fields, etc can work wonders in a kids wall decor theme.

The purpose of selecting a story is to educate the kid about whatís really happening in the real world. This helps to acquire great knowledge in the childhood. Also such types of themes encourage the kids to ask more questions and help their curious nature.

These simple wall decor ideas can be enhanced using wall hangings of animals such fish, rabbits, birds, etc. Storage of soft toys and stuffed toys on the wall can add as wonderful filler in a kids bedroom. Same kids wall decor ideas can be used in a girl's bedroom for storing dollhouses and other soft toys.

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