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Home wall decor can have a great impact on your interior decorating ideas on the overall appearance of your home interiors. This is because walls are a major visual element inside the buildings. 

When a person enters the interior space such as a home building, the very first things he sees are the walls and the furniture. Wall decor is a very creative area and can make or break of your entire design theme.

Why is home wall decor of such an importance?

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Firstly, walls are responsible for creating a "space” in the interiors. A room divider between two spaces is nothing but a wall. When walls get constructed, we call it a home. That is why external decor themes of walls have a great amount of impact on the visual qualities of the home interiors.

Another important function of walls is that they help the dispersion of natural light into remote areas of the home evenly. Direct sunlight that falls on certain wall can be diverted into internal areas to create an even lighting mood at zero cost. But for this to happen the wall decor theme must plan specifically. If the wall that receives direct sunlight is treated poorly or without any planning, you are sacrificing a major source of decorating element.

Brick walls can be treated in a majority of ways with good effects. Some of the wall decor options for walls can be.

1) Painting
2) Wallpapers
3) Exposed plaster without painting
4) Exposed walls without plaster
5) Mural creation with plaster/ceramic tiles
6) Cladding with cladding tiles

All these wall decor options can be used in combination depending upon the overall decorating theme of the home interior design. 

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