Fish Wall Decor

Fish wall decor ideas can be very creatively used in home interiors in various forms. Wall decor using "fish" as a theme is a great way that opens up many alternatives you can go for.

For decorating a wall with fish as a theme, it is not necessary to have a wall with long length. A small portion of a wall can also be treated with many finishes, which will express the fish theme easily.

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These are some of the alternative you can go for fish wall decor.

1) Fish murals

A wall can be treated using a fish mural created using wooden planks and inlay work on them. A bedroom wall facing the double bed can be treated in such a fashion. The inlay work of fish can have an underwater scene with small and big sized fish inlays along with other aquatic features such as starfish, whales, plants, etc can be very creatively done.

2) Fish Wallpapers

Similar to wallpaper on computer screens, complete big sized fish wallpaper that can be washed can be applied on the wall. This fish wall decor idea works best for a kid's bedroom. Just make sure that the wallpaper is washable so that you can clear out any pencil drawings, kids draw on the wallpaper.

3) Fish wall hangings

Small fish models made from ribbons of various colors can be hanged from ceiling to act as great fillers. You can also add small bells to these so that they act as a wind chime. When the wind blows through them it produces beautiful sound of the bells. This creates a wonderful piece of accessory in the teenager bedroom. Also the sound produced from such chimes is a great mood creator. Fish wall hangings can instantly help to pump up a "fish" themed room.

4) Fish Tank In The wall

A very suitable place for the fish tank in the well is the wall between the kitchen and the dining area. A big opening in the wall can be created during the construction of the wall itself that can be used as a place to place a moderate sized fish tank. The constant movement of real fish in the fish tank creates a sense of liveliness in this space.

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5) Fish Type Lighting Fixtures

This is an optional accessory you can use depending upon availability of such a fixture in the market. A lighting fixture with the lamps fitted in the mouth of the fish can be used along with all the above options.

There are many more creative ideas for fish wall decor. I have tried to note down a few ideas here for your benefit.

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