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There are many ways to decorate a bedroom using nothing but wall decor. All decorating experiments that you will carry out on walls will be done using decorating accessories. Also depending upon which type of bedroom you are trying to decorate, the wall decor theme will change.

Some of the most common types of bedroom in any home plan are, master bedroom, tee bedroom, kids bedroom and guest bedroom. All these bedrooms have different function and decorating theme ideas. Wall decor for these bedrooms will have a great impact on the overall theme of the bedroom.

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When it comes to bedroom wall decor it is good idea to first decide the theme of the entire bedroom interior design. Again there are many themes that can be considered for bedroom decorating. But it is advisable to follow a common theme that has been followed for the rest of the rooms in your home. This helps to create a visual balance.

Depending upon the decorating theme, wall decor theme for bedroom can be decided. It is a common misconception that wall decor requires use of decorating accessories such as wall hangings, picture frames, photos etc. But any wall can be treated without these external aids very successfully and creatively.

Think about a bedroom wall as a canvas and you will start to imagine a lot of creative ideas. How about keeping the wall without plastering and exposing the brick within. Brick itself has some great visual qualities with it. The dark red color and through texture of the brick can create great contrast against the plain white walls of the bedroom.

Or the entire wall can be painted or applied with a natural scene depending upon the type of bedroom. This scene will differ from the one in master bedroom or in a teenage bedroom. Of course other standard accessories such as light fixtures, picture frames, wall hangings do have a major role while wall decor in bedrooms, but not always the only option.

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