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When to comes to bathroom wall decor, it must be taken into consideration that a bathroom walls because of it's unique function are always covered with ceramic tiles. Ceramic tiles being waterproof, help the drainage of water towards the trap and help to prevent seepage of water into walls.

A typical bathroom has many accessories that are connected are attached on the wall. Some of these include towel rods, storage cabinets, light fixture(s), plumbing accessories such as taps, shower mixers, etc.

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While designing a bathroom wall decor it is advisable to go by a design theme. A design theme makes it easy to categorize the wall finishes and the corresponding accessories into color, type, etc.

For example a bathroom in attached to the master bedroom can have a nautical theme so the walls of the bathroom can be treated to look like seashore or a riverbed. If you decide to go by a nautical theme then the prominent color of the bathroom interior becomes blue and white. This instantly gives you a direction in which you must select the other accessories such as water taps, curtains, towels, soap cases, flooring tiles etc.

However if the bathroom is attached to a kidís bedroom, then the theme can be a cartoon theme or a mini swimming pool. In this case a small bathtub with the same arrangement of steps to step inside the bathtub can be created. It can be designed to be a min model of the actual swimming pool. Wall decor in a kidís bathroom can be blue in color with pictures of cartoon characters such as baby elephant, teddy bears, taking a bath in the form of wall stickers.

Don't limit yourself to wall decor while decorating bathroom. Even ceiling of the bathroom has a lot of scope for decor. A teen bathroom can work best with a theme based design options. Thus bathroom wall decor is a very creative exercise and can be effectively executed using decorating themes.

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